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Rick Suter

Rick Suter—the guy watching Tom Hanks finally(!) get out of that damn airport terminal—is a Los Angeles-based writer and other stuff that doesn’t sound as cool but pays the rent. An entertaining sort of guy...even though that claim is being written by Rick in the third person. He has written columns for Bleacher Report, and Fox Sports (when their blog-o-shpere existed!). He has co-written a book—Rick Dempsey's Caught Stealing: Unbelievable Stories From a Lifetime of Baseball. The guy loves pizza.

There is a Foot Locker commercial, too...somewhere.

Blurred (Bracket) Lines: Drunk Picks for 2016 NCAA Tourney

This year I decided to use a new method for filling out my NCAA bracket. Seeing that this tradition falls so damn close (practically on) St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be a great idea to scour the Los Angeles watering holes in search of one girl […]

Fast Food Mock Draft 2015

The NFL Draft—2015, yo!—is merely hours away from its fan-fest commencement and I haven’t got a clue who is going where and in what round. Not one. Sorry. Sheepishly, I had hoped for some sort of quasi-reasoning to slip into my head, allowing me to, at least, spew […]

Notes From The Can…

While the sports world digests all the chips, dips and pigskin punch – fizzed for your pleasure – all the experts have dissected and re-dissected what is the new pastime of ‘Merica….The NFL.  The season is young, bright and full of questions; Who is the best? Is it […]