Rick Suter—the guy watching Tom Hanks finally(!) get out of that damn airport terminal—is a Los Angeles-based writer and television personality. An entertaining sort of writer…even though that declamation is being written by Rick in the third person. He has written columns for Bleacher Report, Faniq and Fox Sports (when their blog-o-sphere existed!). He has co-written a book—Rick Dempsey’s Caught Stealing: Unbelievable Stories From a Lifetime of Baseball.

There is a Foot Locker commercial, too…somewhere.


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  1. Enjoyed your recent piece on greatest high school sports teams. One that would deserve mention is little Rocky Mount Senior High School, which won the state championship in 1963 in football, basketball, AND baseball, then football again the next year. Never been done before or since, and in doing so, beat teams from much larger cities (e.g., Charlotte, Greensboro). Their QB, Danny Talbott, went on to become and All-American in football, and just recently passed away.

    • Thanks for reading, William. That sounds like an incredible athletic program. I’m sure we will be doing something like this again, so it’s great to receive info like this.

      Thank you,


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