Month: September 2012

Politically in Accuracy: Mitt Romney and the Lost Hair Gel.

This just in… A completely unreliable and fictitious source – the same ones used by major news groups – has confirmed that Mitt Romney’s recent sappy-sad attitude occurred over the loss of his favorite hair gel. Recent-speculation linked his demeanor to tax issues, twitter-smack and Tom Brady’s damaged […]

Notes From The Can…

While the sports world digests all the chips, dips and pigskin punch – fizzed for your pleasure – all the experts have dissected and re-dissected what is the new pastime of ‘Merica….The NFL.  The season is young, bright and full of questions; Who is the best? Is it […]

Notes From The Can…

While the fine folks in Beverly Hills fish out their pearls and gold-plated pencils from the Brazilian Brew they were sipping , post-earthquake, the world of all-things-sporty moves on. With so much to report and so little time, things can be overlooked, missed and often not paid attention […]