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Rick Suter

Rick Suter—the guy watching Tom Hanks finally(!) get out of that damn airport terminal—is a Los Angeles-based writer and other stuff that doesn’t sound as cool but pays the rent. An entertaining sort of guy...even though that claim is being written by Rick in the third person. He has written columns for Bleacher Report, and Fox Sports (when their blog-o-shpere existed!). He has co-written a book—Rick Dempsey's Caught Stealing: Unbelievable Stories From a Lifetime of Baseball. The guy loves pizza.

There is a Foot Locker commercial, too...somewhere.

Football for All: The Movement for Girls’ Opportunities to Play America’s New Pastime

Seven girls walk out onto the football field, the stadium lights highlighting their excitement, their nervousness, their determination — all the things that come with the beginning of a game. They wear their school’s colors and stretch in unison, warming up while the crowd, who match in nervousness, […]

Baseball is Fun Reason #1: Opening Day

Baseball is one of those sports that has similarities to a concert. There’s always anticipation, but nothing like that first time. While there are many who love every damn song—even the obscure cover/mashup—and know every damn word and gosh darn, darn nuance…there are others who would rather leave […]

Mission Oscars Dilemma: Impossible

It’s bad enough that the universe awoke yesterday to the news that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have split—sad stuff, gang. Sad, sad, #sad—but that fails in comparison to the ongoing saga and, quite frankly, national crisis that is the Oscars flub from Sunday night. In case you […]