Thursday Night Recorded

Thursday Night Recorded: LACMA’s Rain Room

There’s something fascinating about standing in the rain—and not getting wet.

It’s almost magical. And, thanks to the power of technological wizardry of lighting and next-level sensors—and what looks to be, at least, two truckloads of rubber—it is actually possible!

Yes, gang, LACMA (a fun acronym for Neat Museum in Los Angeles) has figured out a way to give you all the thrills, all the feels…a chance to enjoy one of the more relaxing features of nature as a completely—or almost—dry entity. They call it…the Rain Room. Ahhhhhhhhhh…

It’s something special, without the soggy butt and shoes. No drooping streaks of eye shadow for the gals (or the guys who go Leto), and zero swimmer’s ear. Dry. As. A. Bone (sort of).

Just imagine, for a moment, being a part of the mood melodies you are only accustomed to hearing emit from your headphones or old-school Casio. Imagine, for a second, that you’re in your own rainstorm, a soothing, steady drizzle, and there isn’t worry of white tee-shirts, or new boots or…well, shit, just got my hair did and my gourd does not reflect sexy business with a wet poof-dynasty ‘fro.

Yeah—none of that, you are completely dry in this scenario…totally relaxed…

You’re relaxed now…

Then, action!!! The crazy guy next to you starts filming the dream sequence for a blog post.

Cue it up, my man! Play it!!

Notice that my hair did not get wet? Yep…

Take that, Enya.




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