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You Have to Rewind It (The St. Patty’s Day/Reese Witherspoon Edition): My Review of the 1996 Film ‘Tremors 2: Aftershocks’

ZTop of tha mornin’ to ya’, mee lads! Yeah, I know what today is…but let’s keep a good thing going and not let Google Calendar stand in our way, diminishing the fact that ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!!!! already happened. That’s right, Suzy, St. Patrick’s Day. A day of consumption, […]

Mission Oscars Dilemma: Impossible

It’s bad enough that the universe awoke yesterday to the news that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have split—sad stuff, gang. Sad, sad, #sad—but that fails in comparison to the ongoing saga and, quite frankly, national crisis that is the Oscars flub from Sunday night. In case you […]